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Why This Laid-Off Executive Chose Entrepreneurship Over Early Retirement

The economic downturn cost Paul Tasner his job in the consumer-products business, but gave him a chance to start his …Read More

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Online Learning is the future

Courses to fit your busy schedule. Learn on the go. Welcome to the future. Become all you have ever dreamt …Read More

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Brookes Learning – experts in small business training

Brookes Learning are the experts in training employees and employers within small businesses to up their game and improve their skillset. …Read More

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Top tips for effective communication

The authors of the book Effective Communication Skills for Doctors, Teresa Parrott and Graham Crook, explore, together with Matt Green of the BPP University …Read More

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Coaching the Toxic Leader

  Senior executives have the power to create an environment that allows people to grow and give their best—or a …Read More

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